Introduction To The New Edition

In 2003, I published a collection of essays titled Book, with Words and Pages. It was truly a self-published book, meaning I printed up the copies myself in my living room. I thought I came up with a rather innovative way of doing the book. Instead of a traditional paperback or hardcover, I printed out each essay on a separate piece of paper, and then I put the entire booklet inside of a square box, a box that opened up like a book itself. On the outside I stenciled the title of the book, and on the sides and back I included little words of wisdom, quotes, and blurbs from people who had read the book and liked it.

I sold about 70 copies.

This may not sound like a lot in the grand scheme of things. But I was rather astonished that this little project I did in my apartment would get that much attention, that people would want to pay money for it. Not that it wasn’t worth it. I did this all alone and each book took about two hours to put together. But it’s always amazing when you make something with your hands and people are willing to pay money for it. It was a lot of work but also deeply satisfying.

The following year I stopped putting the books together, but a few times a year someone would ask me if I had any copies left. I’ve wanted to show people the book without having to actually make them. So here it is again, in web site form.

This site has all of the content of the 2003 version of the book plus a couple of new things I’ve written in the past several years. Some of the original material might seem a little odd now. For example, the piece about coffee shops not having a lot of tea seems dated (it was written in the 90s) and the crazy fall TV shows I came up with actually seem like something the networks would put on the air. But most of it holds up quite well, and I’m quite proud of the book. Read it from start to finish like you would a regular book. Unless you wouldn’t read a book from start to finish and want to jump around.


– Bob Sassone, March 2013